Red deer in a morning sunlight-Belgium
Camera Model: Canon EOS 50D
Firmware: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Owner: Philippe Moës 18 thier des gattes 6950 nassogne – Belgium
Date/Time: 2009:06:17 06:17:29
Copyright: © Ph.Moës
Shutter speed: 1/640 sec
Aperture: 4
Exposure compensation: -1/3
Flash: Off
ISO: 400
Focal length: 500mm
Image size: 4134 x 2756
Color space: sRGB
Color profile: sRGB v1.31 (Canon)
User comments:

Hide, Belgium
Since a lot of years I knew that a group of hinds crosses sometimes this way in the morning; I waited there many times, generaly for nothing or in a bad light, but after 10 years I had THE chance with me…

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